95% LAND

APRIL 2023
New York City

A Time Capsule Collection 
Brand Partnership with 95% Sauce

Collage + Creative Direction by Araba Ankuma
Original Photographs by Timbuk “TK” Atakora


In the summer of 2022, two Ghanaian-Americans met while sitting side by side at the Building Black Bedstuy street market. Araba Ankuma had just returned from an  8 month stay in Accra, Ghana with an exhibition under her belt and a body of collaged works to show for it. She spent much of that day admiring her neighbor’s table, one occupied by concert photographer turned 95% Sauce founder, Tim “TK” Atakora. That serendipitous day would be the start to a new partnership between one storyteller and another.

Together they created 95% LAND, a retelling of the story behind 95% Sauce in the form of a time capsule collection. TK gathered over 500 images that chronicled the year-long journey of the brand from its inception. Curating and composing these photographs into physical collage, Araba Ankuma visually reimagined the world of the brand.

While each composed artwork is one of one, they were determined to find a creative way to bring people in direct contact with the world of 95% Sauce. Integrating the art into the fabric of NYC, the two designed a wheatpaste scavenger hunt around key cultural hubs throughout the boroughs, exposing those interested to learn more about the brand. 

With the goal of bringing this collection directly to their community, they applied Araba’s epoxy fabrication practice with Tim’s stylized approach to the kitchen–designing a one of a kind homeware tray for multipurpose use. 

Welcome to 95% LAND.



Handmade resin trays by Araba Ankuma
Edition of 31

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