Araba Ankuma is a montage artist whose multi-disciplinary work ties together visual narrative and experiential design.

As a Ghanaian-American artist working internationally, Ankuma’s stories focus on the importance of perception and the need to shift it in order to illuminate the invisible narratives that bind us as human beings.

Her latest works feature highly contextualized visual collage, tapping into a decade-long relationship with documentary photography. With a history in choreography-based production, Ankuma brings an eye for light and an ear for sound to her work as she mixes social and passive mediums. Her intimate experiences create opportunities for those gathered to more uniquely interact with themselves and their curated environment.  

In January 2017, Ankuma established ASA Productions, LLC., dedicated to the promotion and production of visual content by artists of color. As the world has continued to evolve and develop, so too has Ankuma’s desire to build community around intention. In 2018, Ankuma began the Feed Yourself Initiative (FYI) as a means of constructing safe space for other emerging creators through curated intimate experiences. 

portrait by Emily Lipson

For all inquiries related to commissions, collaborations, and/or experience design:

WET. LIMBO ACCRA, Accra, Ghana 2022
The New Black Vanguard, Les Recontres De La Photographie, Église Sainte-Anne, Arles, France 2021
JUST ENOUGH, Peach Studio NYC, Queens New York, USA 2021
“c.f. film studios presents: introduction” Space Place Gallery, Nizhny Tagil, Russia 2018
Patricia & Howard Silverstein 2017 Havana Studio Abroad, Charles Addams Gallery, Philadelphia, USA 2017
Visual Studies Senior Thesis Exhibition, Fox Gallery, Philadelphia, US, 2017
Chi Boys, YO:U, Chicago, USA, 2017
HUMAN: Projections of Intersectionality, Philomathean Society, Philadelphia, USA, 2016

“Get Bodied: Recapturing the Body Image”, "Rise and Run" TEDxPenn Conference, Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts, Philadelphia, USA, 2017
"Invisible. Invincible”, TEDxPenn Launch Event, Institute for Contemporary Art (ICA), Philadelphia, USA, 2016

Whetstone Magazine, “THESE HANDS” photography essay. COVER STORY. Volume 09: Origin Foraging, April 2022. Print.
send nudes®: The FIRST 100. May 2021. Print.
send nudes®: VOLUME V. October 2020. Print
Reframing the Future photographic print sale, fundraising initiative, 2020.
Off Kilter Magazine, “Barry Farms” photo essay, Issue 004: A New Era, December 2019
send nudes: VOLUME IV November, 2017. Print
send nudes: VOLUME I May, 2017. Print

The Patricia & Howard Silverstein Photography Studio Abroad Grant, 2017
The Marian Anderson Award for Outstanding Artistic Achievement, 2017
Seltzer Family Digital Media Grant, 2016

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