I want to change how we see each other.

Araba Ankuma is an editorial and documentary
photographer based on the east coast of the United States. She currently works out of D.C and travels internationally for her work.

More than anything, she loves to hear stories, acknowledging that they often hold the most important life lessons. As a photographer, Araba uses skills of visual narration to reflect this idealogy.

Araba Sorma Ankuma

“If vision is what drives our understanding of and behavior towards all that surrounds us, then imagine the importance of having the ability to capture, to build, and to visually create. For me,
photography is more than just a passion; it is my responsibility.” Ankuma pushes her work to bring a voice to those who have yet to be heard.

Araba is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania with a Bachelor of Arts in its unique Visual Studies program.  Her work has appeared in a number of group and solo exhibitions.

C U R R I C U L U M  V I T A E


2017 Patricia & Howard Silverstein Havana Studio Abroad Exhibition, Charles Addams Gallery, Philadelphia
2017 Visual Studies Senior Thesis Exhibition, Fox Gallery, Philadelphia
2017 “Chi Boys”, YO:U, Chicago

2016 “HUMAN: Projections of Intersectionality”, Philomathean Society, Philadelphia

Speaking Engagements

2017 “Get Bodied: Recapturing the Body Image”, The 2017 “Rise and Run” TEDxPenn Conference, Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts, Philadelphia

2016 “Invisible. Invincible.” TEDxPenn Launch Party, Institute for Contemporary Art (ICA), Philadelphia


2017 Patricia & Howard Silverstein Photography Studio Abroad Grant
2017 Marian Anderson Award fro Outstanding Artistic Achievement 

2016 Seltzer Family Digital Media Award
2016 Visual Studies Summer Funding  


“Ankuma is passionate about showcasing the human body as a work of art. She doesn’t consider her art to particularly exemplify any race or culture, but rather the beauty of the human body in general.” —The Daily Pennsylvanian

“At the center of Araba’s photographs is empathy. She uses the visual composition of her images to tease out unspoken stories.” — 34th St Magazine 

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