Chicago, IL

CHI BOYS explores the contrasting themes of invisibility and hypervisibility that shroud the the image of the black man in America today.

An exploration into the psyche of a so often neglected part of our society, CHI BOYS is the culmination of documentary research conducted in the city of Chicago, IL in the summer of 2016. 

Through visual exploration, Ankuma seeks to answer questions about her own past experience and interaction with her male conterparts.  What motivates the African-American man to contribute each day to a society that gives so little back to him? 

So at the center of each interaction she posed the question:
“What is your biggest fear?”

Over the course of the summer and throughout the city, Ankuma documented more than 50 black males of various ages in the hopes of proving her thesis:

that by knowing what a man is running from, we may better understand what he is running towards.

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